Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox

Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox - Gallup, NM

Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc nci Detox is an addiction treatment center located at 2205 East Boyd Street in the 87301 zip code in Gallup, NM. It is operated by a private non-profit organization. Some of the treatment approaches used by Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc nci Detox include 12-step rehab, counseling for substance abuse and brief intervention. Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc nci Detox also specializes in detox services and offers inpatient alcohol detox. Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc nci Detox provides residential long term drug rehab, regular outpatient drug treatment and outpatient drug treatment. It also provides residential drug use treatment and inpatient drug detox.

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Address: 2205 East Boyd Street, Gallup, NM 87301

  1. Types of Care
  2. Service Settings
  3. Type of Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment
  4. Treatment Approaches
  5. Facility Ownership
  6. Payment/Insurance/Funding Accepted
  7. Payment Assistance Available
  8. Special Programs/ Population Groups Supported
  9. Assessment/Pre-treatment
  10. Screening & Testing
  11. Transitional Services
  12. Ancillary Services
  13. Detoxification
  14. Counseling Services and Education
  15. Facility Smoking Policy
  16. Age Groups Accepted
  17. Gender Accepted
  18. Additional Spoken Languages

Here are the full facility listing details on Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox in Gallup, NM:

Types of Care:

  • inpatient drug detoxification
  • residential treatment for drug abuse

Service Settings:

  • outpatient drug services
  • long-term drug rehab
  • regular outpatient drug treatment
  • residential drug detox
  • residential long term drug rehab
  • short-term residential drug rehab

Type of Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment:

  • Treatment of alcohol use disorder without medications

Treatment Approaches:

  • brief intervention
  • motivational interviewing
  • relapse prevention treatment
  • substance use counseling approach
  • 12-step rehab

Facility Ownership:

  • a private non-profit organization

Payment/Insurance/Funding Accepted:

  • Accepts Federal funding
  • Free inpatient drug rehab

Payment Assistance Available:

  • Provides payment assistance

Special Programs/ Population Groups Supported:

  • rehab for adult women
  • drug addiction treatment for men


  • Comprehensive substance use assessment
  • Interim services for clients

Screening & Testing:

  • Breathalyzer or blood alcohol testing
  • Drug or alcohol urine screening
  • Screening for substance use

Transitional Services:

  • Aftercare/continuing care
  • Discharge Planning

Ancillary Services:

  • case managers
  • HIV early intervention
  • housing services


  • inpatient alcohol detox

Counseling Services and Education:

  • individual counseling
  • group counseling
  • substance use education
  • hepatitis education, counseling and support
  • HIV and AIDS support

Facility Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking permitted in designated area

Age Groups Accepted:

  • accepts adults
  • accepts young adults over 18

Gender Accepted:

  • inpatient drug rehab for women
  • in-patient drug rehab men

Additional Spoken Languages:

  • Navajo

Phone #: 505-863-3869

Call (877) 539-5579 for 24/7 help with treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Rehab in Gallup, NM

What types of addiction treatment programs are available in Gallup, NM?

In Gallup, NM, you can find a variety of addiction treatment programs, including inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, detoxification services, and dual-diagnosis programs. The specific program that's right for you depends on your needs and the severity of your addiction.

What should I consider when choosing a drug rehab center in Gallup, such as Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox?

When choosing a drug rehab center in Gallup, consider factors such as the facility's accreditation, the qualifications of the staff, the treatment methods used, the cost, and whether the center offers aftercare and relapse prevention services. It's important to select a rehab center that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

How long does drug rehab at Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox typically last?

The duration of drug rehab at Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox and in other addiction treatment centers in Gallup varies depending on the type of program and the individual's progress. In general, it can range from 30 days to 90 days or even longer for more intensive treatment. Aftercare and ongoing therapy may continue for several months to support long-term recovery.

What therapies and treatments are commonly used in Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox and other Gallup drug rehab programs?

Common therapies and treatments in Gallup drug rehab programs include individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), family therapy, and holistic approaches like yoga and meditation. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may also be offered for specific addictions.

What is the cost of drug rehab in Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox and other rehabs in Gallup, NM?

The cost of drug rehab in Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox and in general in Gallup varies widely based on factors such as the type of program, the amenities provided, and the location of the facility. Inpatient rehab tends to be more expensive than outpatient services. Many rehab centers accept insurance, which can help cover some or all of the costs. It's essential to contact Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox and other treatment centers for accurate pricing information.

Are there specialized drug rehab programs for specific populations in Gallup?

Yes, in Gallup and other locations in New Mexico, there are specialized drug rehab programs for various populations, including women, men, veterans, LGBTQ individuals, seniors and adolescents. These programs are tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by these specific groups, providing more focused and supportive care.

What support is available after completing drug rehab at Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc (NCI) Detox?

After completing drug rehab in Gallup, you can access various forms of support, such as alumni programs, 12-step meetings (e.g., Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous), and ongoing counseling or therapy. Many rehab centers provide aftercare services to help you maintain your sobriety and prevent relapse.

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